Hospital Elevator

Our hospital elevator is designed to meet the unique requirements of medical care industry. We understand the importance of smooth and safe elevator operation in addition to providing comfort to all the patients and health workers. Our hospital elevator car adopts a minimalistic concept that reflects an atmosphere of cleanliness and brightness.

Special Functions for Medical Requirements

Asia Schneider Elevator Clean Air System (ECA)

In order to create a safer elevator rides especially in hospitals, our company has designed and produced a comprehensive air filtration and sterilization system for elevators called Asia Schneider Elevator Clean Air System (ECA). ECA is installed on top of the elevator car's ceiling. This unit is connected via flexible air ducts which go through the air vents on the elevator ceiling to supply clean air into the elevator car.

The ECA system is safe and reliable. It can be turned on to operate automatically and continuously with passengers in the elevator car. The outside air drawn through the overhead ECA unit is subjected to intense air cleaning process which comprises of primary air filter, HEPA filter with activated carbon, UV light and Nanometer photocatalyst. This process effectively cleans the air by eliminating harmful bacteria and viruses, dust particles, TVOC and all other aerosols.

The HEPA filter used has removal efficiency of ≥ 99.5% for PM2.5 airborne particles. No harmful chemical or gas is produced in the air cleaning process. The quality of the clean air in the elevator car is comparable to industrial-grade and medical-grade clean room. Clean and fresh air at all times for safe and comfortable elevator ride.

Besides hospital, this system can easily be applied to all types of elevator in every building; condominium, office, hotel, factory, airport, train station, bus station, shopping mall etc.

Hospital elevator

Medical Emergency/ Code Blue Services (EHS)

In the event an medical emergency call switch is activated at any floor, the emergency call light will illuminate at that specific floor only. Then, our intelligent elevator group system specially designed for hospitals will automatically select the nearest available elevator car to respond to the medical emergency call. All car calls for the selected elevator will be cancelled. All hall calls which are previously assigned for that elevator car will also be transferred to other elevators.

If the selected elevator car is previously moving away from the medical emergency call, it will automatically slow down and stop at the nearest floor without opening the doors. Then, it will reverse its direction and proceed non-stop towards the medical emergency floor. On arrival, the elevator car will stay put with its doors opened for a preset time period. All of its car buttons will be disabled to prevent other passengers from taking control of the elevator while medical emergency case patients are being transported into the elevator car. After this preset time has expired and the elevator car is no longer assigned for medical emergency operation, the elevator car will automatically return to its normal operation.

Bed Lift Function

A special function can be installed to bypass the need to press the car call buttons when a bed trolley with critically ill patient is inside the elevator.

One Touch Emergency Call

A one touch call button can be installed to enable passengers especially hospital patients to immediately reach service center in emergency situation.

Hospital elevator

Standard Cabin Design

Hospital elevator

ASC-G-01 Integrated Hairline Stainless Steel with LED Lighting

304 Hairline Stainless Steel

304 Hairline Stainless Steel

304 Hairline Stainless Steel

304 Hairline Stainless Steel with Dot-Matrix LED Screen and ASB-M-01 push button

ASF-G-01 PVC Floor

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